Cluster 3: Civil security for society

This cluster responds to the challenges arising from persistent security threats, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

Areas of intervention:

  • disaster-resilient societies
  • protection and security
  • cybersecurity

Expected impacts:

  • Losses from natural, accidental and man-made disasters are reduced through enhanced disaster risk reduction based on preventive actions, better societal preparedness, and resilience and improved disaster risk management in a systemic way.
  • Legitimate passengers and shipments travel more easily into the EU, while illicit trades, trafficking, piracy, terrorist and other criminal acts are prevented, thanks to improved air, land and sea border management and maritime security including better knowledge on social factors.
  • Crime and terrorism are more effectively tackled, while respecting fundamental rights, and resilience and autonomy of physical and digital infrastructures are enhanced and vital societal functions are ensured, thanks to more powerful prevention, preparedness and response, a better understanding of related human, societal and technological aspects, and the development of cutting-edge capabilities for police authorities and infrastructure operators, including measures against cybercrime.
  • Increased cybersecurity and a more secure online environment by developing and using effectively EU and Member States’ capabilities in digital technologies supporting protection of data and networks aspiring to technological sovereignty in this field, while respecting privacy and other fundamental rights; this should contribute to secure services, processes and products, as well as to robust digital infrastructures capable to resist and counter cyber-attacks and hybrid threats.

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