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Horizon Europe Office in Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Office) is an ambitious project funded by the European Commission to support projects within the framework of the European Union’s research and innovation programmes, to promote the participation of Ukrainian researchers and innovators in the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (hereinafter referred to as the Programme) – the EU’s key research and innovation programme, and to ensure the integration of the Ukrainian research and innovation sector into the European Research Area (ERA) through communication, information dissemination and training.

Following the global aims of the Programme, the Office is called upon to act as a strategic conduit for the integration of national research initiatives into the ERA.

In the context of its main purpose, i.e. to stimulate cooperation, knowledge exchange and synergies between Ukrainian researchers, innovators and their European partners, the Office will serve as a “navigator” in the implementation of the Programme, guiding all interested parties towards the opportunities available in the vast ocean of the EU’s research and innovation. Therefore, the Office’s mission is to unleash the potential of Ukrainian scientists and innovators, along with shaping a society where science and innovation are based on the principles of sustainable environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Professing the core values of openness, transparency and the importance of joint action, the Office promotes the participation of Ukrainian researchers and innovators in the      Programme, ensuring the achievement of the following aims:

  • to increase the participation of Ukrainian researchers and innovators in the Programme;
  • to ensure the sustainable development and resilience of Ukraine’s research and innovation potential;
  • to support a broad and strong network between research and innovation institutions in Ukraine and the EU;
  • to deepen Ukraine’s integration into the ERA.

Pursuant to the Office’s mission and aims, its key tasks are as follows:

  • promoting the development of an active and effective National Contact Point (NCP) network strategically focused on providing professional services to the research and innovation community in Ukraine;
  • providing professional assistance to Ukrainian researchers and innovators, as well as other potential participants, guiding them in finding project opportunities and relevant European partners for the implementation of projects under the Programme;
  • developing and presenting recommendations and proposals for the policymaking process aimed at Ukraine’s integration into the ERA, focusing on strategic priorities that will facilitate smooth approximation to European standards and practices;
  • regular monitoring the implementation of joint projects and dissemination of information on successful practices and their positive impact on the national research and innovation infrastructure;
  • maximising the synergy of the research and civil society dimensions, offering effective scientific solutions developed with the involvement of civil society to overcome current challenges.

The main principles that guide the Office in its activities are:

  • strategic development towards strengthening research capacity: a commitment to expanding research infrastructure and promoting the competitive professional development of Ukrainian scientists; a belief that investment in human capital and research infrastructure is crucial to Ukraine’s long-term success;
  • integrity: adherence to the principles of transparency, as transparent and honest dialogue is vital to building trust with all project stakeholders;
  • inclusiveness and diversity: guaranteeing equal access to the opportunities provided by the Programme for all interested parties, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic background or any other characteristics;
  • continuous adaptability: flexibility and resilience in activities, given the dynamic nature of the scientific and innovation environment, which means readiness to respond to new challenges and opportunities;
  • neutrality encompasses the communication and information-analytical aspects of the Office’s activities: the information provided by the Office to the public and stakeholders is objective, accurate and free from any ideological or political slant;
  • ensuring the interests of the state and Ukrainian entities engaged in scientific, technical and innovative activities that are involved in the implementation of joint projects of the Programme.